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Leon McKay, MATOM, LAc

McKay Healing Arts | Leon McKayLeon Mckay is a nationally certified acupuncturist with more than 14 years experience. He received his Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine from the acclaimed Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine in 1999. During his rigorous training, he studied under influential practitioners such as Dr. Shu Rong Zhu MD/OMD, former head of Gynecology at Shanghai Hospital, Jeffrey Yuen, Terry Oleson, Bob Flaws and Dr. Henry Han,Paul Fraser LAc. Leon completed his certifications under California’s strict guidelines of more than 3,300 hours of training including extensive instruction in Western medicine to complement TCM.

In 1999, Leon moved to Wilmington, N.C. to start his own practice and bring these healing methods to his home state. He quickly began educating others as co-host of the “Healthy Alternatives Radio Show” which ran for 7 years.

Leon incorporates the Balance and Cross Body Methods together with Motor Point Technique and newly developed auricular techniques for pain and orthopedic issues. He has special interest and expertise in formulating herbal remedies and is well-trained in drug and herbal interactions. He has acquired a wide array of Chinese herbal medicinals, creating a pharmacy equipped to treat even complex cases.

To complement his work as an acupuncturist, Leon aquired his second degree Reiki certification and studied Lohan Hands Qi Gong (with Pragata Jean Blaise’) and Medical Qi Gong (with Paul Fraser) and Tai Chi for Arthritis. He has certification in the treatment of Hepatitis C with Chinese Medicine and is one of the few N.C. practitioners trained in Battlefield Acupuncture. Recently Leon was certified to teach Pan Gu Shen Gong by Master OU.

Contact Leon: Leon@MckayHealingArts.com

Pam Butz, LAc, MSOM

Pam Butz

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Pam graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Pam then attended The Boulder College of Massage Therapy and enjoyed a successful career for many years as both a Massage Therapist and Polarity Practitioner. In addition, she graduated from Boulder’s Southwest Acupuncture College and received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine.  Pam recently relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina to make her home closer to the ocean!

In addition to her extensive Acupuncture training at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado, she has completed the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA) training.  She has also studied with the late Dr. Tan acupuncture for Pain Management. 

Pam has a gentle, yet effective, treatment style and has successfully treated a variety of acute and chronic conditions including; pain, insomnia, anxiety/stress, depression, neurological disorders, and gastrointestinal complaints.  She also enjoys working with pediatric patients and women’s issues.

Contact Pam: PamButz@MckayAcupuncture.com

Pam King LMBT #4182

pam kPamela Sue King, LMBT #4182, is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage and has been practicing for more than 20 years.  Pam’s massage experience includes thirteen years in the Washington, D.C. area where she provided seated massage at the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency and sports massage for the Junior National Racewalking Team.  This experience led her to her own World Title, holding the Time/Distance record for three years.  It was also during this time that Pam had the opportunity to work with two Olympic hopefuls; one who did go on to participate in the Sidney Games.

Pam’s desire for warmer climate and coastal living brought her to Wilmington in 2003 where she has served as a Teacher Assistant in Sports Massage and a Clinic Supervisor for students training in massage therapy.  She has experience in spa settings and in private practice.  Her work integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural Acupressure and Myofascial Release.

Contact Pam: Pam@MckayHealingArts.com

Linda M Thunberg, MHt, LBLt

Picture1Linda Thunberg has relocated to Wilmington after a successful career in Lake Norman, NC. Linda and her husband Gary love boating and the water, so Wilmington is perfect for them!

A native of Ohio, Linda is a 20 year student of metaphysics, a light worker, seeker of truth, and has gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience- she is a natural Intuit and Channel of Spirit. She has taught numerous classes on metaphysics and prosperity for Unity churches, and other new age groups in Ohio and the Carolinas. She also facilitates networking support groups for likeminded people of the new consciousness world.

Linda is a Certified Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Certified Addictions Hypnotherapist, and Certified Life between Lives Hypnotherapist; an authorized Trainer for the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, a Delphi University Certified Medium, a Certified Life Coach, a Reiki II practitioner and an Ordained Minister. She is also a member of A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce’s Association of Research and Enlightenment).

Linda understands that in all of her work, her principal role is that of an inquirer, guide, and facilitator and that her function is to act as a spiritual partner, counselor, and stabilizer for her client’s highest good. Linda is devoted to her passion of helping people who are willing to create profound changes in their lives through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Mentoring.

“I am honored to be one of many light workers on Mother Earth at this time. My mission is to literally spread the light of empowerment and the love of the universe for each person or group that I encounter. The people who seek me out have a willingness to change and are on a quest for more empowerment of their life on all levels. They truly see self-healing and growth take place with me as their guide, facilitator, and conduit of spirit on their behalf through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Mentoring. I also love to connect people through classes and groups so they realize they are not alone on this path of enlightenment.”

Contact Linda: Linda@TranspersonalPower.com

Suzi Snyder, Ph.D., EEMCP,

Suzi is your authorized EM101 & EM102 teacher in Eastern North Carolina.  She’s an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and combines her practice with Life Coaching for an integrated experience! Suzi has been teaching for over 30 years and still loves when people learn something meaningful!

I am a teacher and a healer with a deep and abiding belief in the creativity, wholeness and resourcefulness of people. My life work has involved work with people in all walks of life as a teacher, administrator and educational consultant in inner city, suburban and rural settings.  As part of that experience, I co-created the Teacher Leadership Consortium program that successfully trained and mentored over 200 teachers, encouraging thousands of students to engage in meaningful and authentic learning experiences.

Curiosity about authentic, meaningful and engaging ways of learning has led me to new ventures, bringing innovation and creativity to my current work in Energy Coaching. I have been working with peoples’ energy for the past eight years and hold the following certifications:

  • Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner & Teacher
  • Life Coaching by the Coaches Training Institute and Accreditation from International Coach Federation
  • Feng Shui

These powerful tools allow my clients to transform their lives.  Together we explore where they want to make changes in their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being, and create a unique path for getting to that place. I work with people who are having challenges with anxiety, stress, pain, lack of direction, feeling stuck, and PTSD, among others.

Teaching is very much a part of who I am. My Ph.D. focused on how we learn and ways teachers adapt to the changing needs of their students. I’m delighted to teach Eden Energy Medicine classes about which I’m most passionate – from introductory through first year of certification.

I created Choiceful Living to serve as catalyst for people who want something different in their lives. By working with their energies we explore their own unique body, mind, heart and spirit and guide them in creating a life abundant in fulfillment and joy.  Mix this energy work with powerful insight and wisdom, add a touch of playfulness and you create some very choiceful living.  You might say that my clients’ perspectives on living get re-energized!

One of my favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. I want to meet you and help you learn how to live life as your very best self!

Call to register today: 928-925-8150 or Contact Suzi: suzi@choicefulliving.com

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