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Forrest Yoga
“Forrest Yoga does not require
strength or flexibility; it only requires
a willingness to learn how to feel
authentically and respond honestly.
The practice is founded on four
pillars — Breath, Strength, Integrity
and Spirit.”
“I developed Forrest Yoga as I was
working through my own healing. I
took poses and modified or created
new ones to address today’s lifestyle
physical ailments. For example, the
ailments that our bodies are
manifesting due to our lifestyle –
lower and upper back pain, neck and
shoulder issues, carpal tunnel
syndrome, intestinal disorders.”
-Ana T. Forrest
Leigh Ann Handel Cutright has been practicing yoga for 11 years
and teaching for 9. She has completed Forrest Yoga Foundation, Level
2, Mentorship, and Advanced Trainings as well as Yin Yoga Teacher
Training and numerous workshops. She frequently says that her first
training with Ana Forrest is the best decision she has ever made. Since
then, yoga has permeated all aspects of her life and teaching has
become her passion. Leigh Ann practices and teaches yoga as a tool
for building deeper awareness and healing. She is a firm believer that
classes with chairs and classes with handstands can be equally
valuable, and that every student’s body is different. Expect precise
alignment cues, intelligent sequencing, and a lightheartedness not
normally associated with yoga.
Email Leigh Ann directly at
Or call 508-353-5724
At McKay Healing Arts
Thursdays 8-9am
Tuesdays 4-5pm
Drop in $14 – 10 Class Pack $100

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