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Life & Health Coaching

Life & Health Coaching

In this healing session, David will take the time to assess your current life obstacles, health, and wellness challenges. The initial focus of the session is to develop a treatment plan and appropriate follow-up plans of action.

In these coaching sessions each client will receive:

Personalized Problem Resolution Guidance
Education regarding the Law of Attraction
Mindset and Attitude Training
Proven Techniques to let go of the past.
New Means for Attracting New People, Situations and Life Experiences

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David J. Coon is a Medical Qigong Master, Metaphysical Life Coach, Author, Law of Attraction Teacher, former Psychotherapist, and a Continuing Education teacher for Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists and other health care professionals.

David has been involved in the healing arts for over thirty years. He has an extensive background in Eastern and Western Psychology, Molecular, Cellular Biology, Emergency Medical Technician training, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Meditation, Martial Arts and more.

David is very versed in New Age thinking as well as practices of mindfulness. He possesses extensive knowledge of the teachings of The Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, EcKart Tolle , The Course in Miracles, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Dan Millman, Depok Chopra, Greg Braden and Nisagadatta Maharaj, Krishnamurti and more.

When David was fifteen years old he was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and told that he would be crippled by the time he was thirty years old. Not only was David dealing with a debilitating spinal disease but also was facing the growing pains of transcending a dysfunctional family.

After graduating high school (over thirty years ago now) David went on to receive a Psychology degree from the University of Connecticut as well as became a Connecticut State Certified Emergency Medical Technician. He moved onto work as a Psychotherapist, Team Leader and eventually Supervisor at a Colorado hospital. Additionally, David spent three years at The University of Colorado at Boulder studying Molecular, Cellular Biology.

It was at the hospital where David began facilitating life changing private coaching and healing sessions as well as group therapy sessions. He eventually became a supervisor and managed several therapists at the hospital as well as 36 patients in the At – Risk Youth wing of the hospital. More than 20 years later David is still building on the healing work that began in this hospital.

David then expanded upon his healing studies by working closely with healing, meditation and martial arts masters around the country and beyond. David had a profound “awakening” that caused energy to surge through his body. This experience in conjunction with several similar experiences changed his life forever.

Not only did David heal his spine of a severe spinal disease that the doctors said would cripple him by the time he was thirty years old he also awakened a “sixth sense.” He has been using that sixth sense to facilitate mind body energy healing since that time.

David has had a private healing and coaching practice for over twenty years and David continues to provide private healing to people in the midst of his busy travelling and teaching schedule.

While travelling the country,David  offers Transformational Healing Workshops that incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Medical Qigong. Lay people, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other health care professionals all benefit from attending these life changing weekends.

David has been extremely successful in helping others transform themselves and their life circumstances. He has helped people to heal not only their bodies but also their personal and business relationships.

A person’s health and life as a whole are integrally connected. David addresses these types of issues as one common challenge or “problem.”

“Addressing a client’s health and healing holistically means taking into consideration their mental and emotional attitudes and their relationship with their body. 

It is also just as important to look at one’s personal and business relationships and how they are playing out in my client’s life.  

When the client and I address  their life as a whole we can identify internal and external patterns that the client wants to transform. 

By introducing new thoughts and feelings right into the mix of a troubling circumstance, situation and / or relationship, we change the energy dynamics. When the energy dynamics shift so does a person’s circumstances. So does their state of health, their relationships business and personal It all improves.”   


Testimonial from one of David’s clients

Sandy H. Best Selling Author

​“I met David at a time of great grief, loss, and psychological turmoil. With wisdom and compassion, David helped me regain a sense of self, re-discover my inner strengths, and find a new sense of peace and self-confidence. I was able to move beyond my grief to establish a new life for myself, one that was far richer than anything I had ever imagined. With kindness, care, and sensitivity, David provided an atmosphere that allowed me to heal physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”

“Whether your story involves a recent divorce or grief or something entirely different, I am very skilled in helping people negotiate their personal labyrinths.” – David

David’s clients are not typically new to working on, or with themselves. David is a teacher of teachers and a healer of healers. His students consist of Medical Doctors, Therapists, University Professors, Business Owners, long time Acupuncturists and other health care professionals.

He also specializes in working with women journeying divorce and the sometimes radical changes that come with that.

Rarely in his Private Coaching Sessions does David work with someone new to the idea of working on themselves. Most have been doing it for a long time but for whatever reason (countless reasons) they took a detour into unwanted territory.

David provides a safe, convenient means for personal transformation, healing and exchange. His client’s typically communicate with David from the comfort of their own home. They can rely on a safe space, a private session and follow up support. Most of David’s clients have weekly or bi-weekly appointments scheduled in advance.

Many of David’s clients are able to write off their sessions with David for tax purposes. They are written off as therapy or coaching sessions. Several of David’s clients hire him as a private contractor and use his services to help them not only with their personal issues but their business  challenges and creations as well.

When David is not coaching his private clients he travels the country teaching life changing workshops to health care professionals and lay people.

David supports private clients throughout the year with private coaching sessions via telephone, Skype and on occasion at a Cafe or a client’s place of business.

David helps his clients to transform, personal relationship issues as well as business transactions and negotiations.