David’s Life Coaching Workshop

Cost – $100 in advance ($125 at the door)
Call McKay Healing Arts at (910) 791-1981 to register.

Join David J. Coon, Qigong Master, Author, Teacher and Success Coach to learn how to apply power thinking to your life. Learn intricate details about the Laws of Attraction and Expectation and how to make those laws work for you in your life! Learn how to heal your body, attract better relationships and be more purposeful in your life. Additionally, David will teach attendees how to consciously and honestly make more money (if desired) and put it to good use.

In this semi-private coaching session, David will share many secrets about how to finally make the changes that you have always wanted to make in your life but were not sure exactly when, where, or how to make it happen. Changes that can improve your life by leaps and bounds!

David J. Coon has been in the healing, self-transformation and self- improvement field for over thirty years. He began broke and broken and now lives an honest, deeply rewarding and rich life! In addition to traveling the country teaching life-changing workshops incorporating the practices of qigong and medical qigong, David authored the book, Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality and has been a martial arts and qigong teacher for over thirty years. However, he is much more than that – he is an out-of-the-box thinker and success coach that just might be able to help you outwit your self- imposed limitations and help you expand your health, your life, and your lifestyle!