Massage Therapy

Massage & Bodywork Therapy
Massage has been recognized for its health-enhancing effects in all major civilizations for thousands of years. Swedish and Neuromuscular (deep tissue) massage are the foundation of our massage service. Swedish massage is available for wellness, preventative, and maintenance care. Neuromuscular techniques are incorporated to address specific muscle tension patterns that perpetuate pain and decrease functional movement. Each massage is designed to ease tension and soothe the body and mind. Benefits of Massage can include increased metabolism, relaxed and refreshed muscles, detoxification of the lymphatic system, relief from sore or cramped muscles, improved circulation, and relief from fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Myofascial Release

The Myofascial Release technique is about creating space in the body and structural integration by gently stretching the fascia, utilizing the client’s participation. The client will be asked to move the muscle that is being worked on, which helps to both stretch the fascia of the affected muscle and separate the fascia from the adjoining fascia of the surrounding muscles. The relaxed fascia creates space for the affected muscle releasing tension and allows the affected muscle to slide over the surrounding muscles easefully.