Debra Collins CHt, has successfully helped many clients in Wilmington NC through hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist in weight loss, stopping smoking, stress reduction and reduce anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to confront a problem and create positive change such as weight loss, stopping smoking, stress reduction and reduce anxiety.  Hypnosis bypasses the critical factor of the conscious mind and opens communication with the vast and more powerful subconscious mind.

In this altered state of consciousness, change can be readily made, awareness elicited, habits and addictions conquered, and fears mastered.  Hypnotherapy offers a pleasant path to realized creativity, increased confidence, reduced stress and emotional/spiritual harmony.  During a session, clients are in control of their experience.  They are in a heightened state of awareness, able to accept only that which is relevant to their therapeutic goal.

Debra has help many in Wilmington NC thru hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist them in weight loss, stopping smoking, and stress reduction.

Have you tried to stop smoking and failed? Have you tried to lose weight, only to gain it back each and every time? Are you frustrated with your career or relationship and wish you had a way to really make a change once and for all?

Debra Collins BS, LMBT #3900, CHt has been helping clients in the Wilmington, NC area achieve their goals and dreams through the power of hypnosis. Many times we try to make changes in our lives, but old habits keep pulling us back and we fail to achieve the results we want and deserve!

Debra utilizes her knowledge and experience as a holistic healthcare specialist to help you find the old habits and belief systems that are keeping you from success with weight loss, smoking cessation and relationship changes. After a consultation, she guides you through a hypnotherapy session that reaches into your subconscious to foster new behavior patterns that will create a successful future.

Make the change today. Call 910-791-1981 to set an appointment and start the new life you deserve and desire!

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