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Author page: mckay

Benefits of Qigong

Eastern practitioners have been cognizant of the benefits of qigong for centuries. Qigong — qi (subtle breath or vital energy) and gong (skill cultivated through steady practice) — is known to help prevent and manage a broad range of health problems, and is particularly rewarding for older adults and people who experience significant stress on a chronic basis. Qigong, with…

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Acupuncture & Mental Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), well-being is viewed as being hinged to the blending of three vital elements: shen (mind or consciousness), jing (biological nature) and qi (vital energy force). Negative emotions can influence the movement, strength and direction of qi, leading to mood disorders, and in complex cases, cognitive disorders. An imbalance in this essential energy source may be…

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Acupuncture and fertility: Does it help?

Being faced with difficulties when trying to become pregnant can be a very disheartening time for those wanting to start a family, especially for the woman. Disappointments such as miscarriages, or being unable to conceive altogether, often exacerbate stress and further reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help support a woman through this pivotal time…

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How Regular Acupuncture Treatments Can Benefit Our Bodies

How Regular Acupuncture Treatments Can Benefit Our Bodies Finding serenity amid life’s trials can be exhausting — physically, mentally and emotionally. The stress may seem overwhelming at times and can have a significant effect on how we feel. For thousands of years Eastern Medicine has endeavored to overcome ailments of the self by incorporating practices such as acupuncture. And while…

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