Qi Gong Class ONLINE ONLY Signup

This Qigong Class is in a workshop style but is currently only available online with Zoom. The teaching schedule rotates between Leon McKay (Level IV Instructor), The teachers create an original class each week to inspire and lead you to greater health and vitality. Come join us for Qigong Class!

In this Qigong Class, you will learn Qigong movement exercises, standing meditations, and focused breathwork to cultivate greater levels of Qi (Energy). This class will support you in increasing energy levels, decreasing stress, as well as building new pathways in your brain! All are welcome to attend. Ages 18 – Adult.

Who: Everyone is welcome! Ages 18-Adult.

Instructor:  Leon McKay,

When: Variable schedule due to Covid. Contact Leon@MckayHealingArts.com for details

Where: Zoom online  McKay Healing Arts, 4916 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403.

Class Fee: $15/class