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Why Contact Us?

When it comes to finding a healing arts service provider in Wilmington, NC, customers should look no further than McKay Healing Arts and Acupuncture. Established by experienced acupuncturist Leon McKay, the practice is committed to helping clients find balance and achieve optimal health through the use of traditional Chinese medicine. With an emphasis on personalized care for each individual patient, McKay Acupuncture offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of each client.

What to Expect?

At McKay Acupuncture, patients can expect to receive treatment options that are tailored specifically to their individual needs and lifestyle. Services available include acupuncture treatments as well as herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, a variety of classes & more. Each session is conducted in a safe and calming environment with an emphasis on patient comfort.

We Are The Experts

The team at McKay Acupuncture also recognizes that many people suffer from chronic or complex health issues that require more comprehensive care than can be provided by one type of treatment alone. For this reason, they offer comprehensive holistic care that combines multiple modalities in order to provide the best possible outcome for each individual patient. These plans may include everything from diet and lifestyle changes to meditation and yoga as well as acupuncture sessions.

Benefits of Contacting Us

Multiple benefits of contacting McKay Acupuncture for additional information about their services. First and foremost, patients can be sure that they will receive personalized care during their time with us at the clinic. Treatment is designed with each patient’s specific needs in mind in order to promote the most effective results possible in a comfortable setting without any extra visits or unnecessary procedures being involved. Additionally, the comprehensive care service offered by the clinic provides an all-encompassing approach to healing that addresses not just physical symptoms but emotional ones as well – something many traditional Western approaches do not always account for or recognize as an important factor in overall well-being. Finally, clients can trust that they are getting quality treatment from experienced practitioners who take a genuine interest in helping them reach their desired level of health naturally through holistic means whenever possible – something that is often not found with other clinics offering similar services nearby.