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Stroke Recovery Acupuncture

Leon McKay is leading the way with new acupuncture therapy for stroke recovery.  Currently, there are only 40 acupuncture practitioners in the United States that have been taught the stroke recovery technique.

A Stroke is caused by an interrupted blood supply to a portion of the brain and can cause a variety of symptoms and signs. The most common ones are hard to miss, but many people discount them, not realizing just how serious they are.

Frequent Stroke Symptoms 

• Facial drooping
• Arm weakness
• Speech difficulties
• Time to call emergency services
• Loss of Vision
• Severe Headache

The new acupuncture technique has already been deployed at McKay Healing Arts. We have had several post-stroke patients in for treatment and we are experiencing unbelievable results. We have patients improving in all areas including blindness, facial drooping, speech, mobility, and overall strength improvements.

The acupuncture technique we use at McKay Healing Arts promotes stimulations of the brain stem, cerebellum, limbic system, and cerebrum. We all have electrical pathways that communicate from the brain to all parts of our body. Those pathways with this treatment become awakened.

If you’re currently in rehabilitation for stroke recovery in New Hanover or Brunswick county in North Carolina and are not seeing good results post-stroke or want to see if you can improve your condition back to its normal state, please give us a call at McKay Healing arts and schedule an appointment with Leon on McKay.